Discovery Zone Capital Campaign

The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library undertook a $500,000 capital campaign in 2012 to raise funds for the Discovery Zone at Civic Center Library. Designed for children birth to 12, it is envisioned as a technologically advanced environment for 21st century thinking and learning. In addition to traditional library resources, it will create a more innovative, creative atmosphere where children will learn to use digital formats in an interactive, welcoming space necessary for modern learning.

Today’s children have a different perspective on the world largely due to technology. Amid all the definitions of 21st century learning, it’s becomes clear that it’s not about the what to learn, but about the how to learn.

The Discovery Zone will foster an extended definition of literacy within a child-friendly culture of computers and modern communication infrastructures. Areas for quiet reading, study, multi-media use and production, tutoring, gaming and fun will be included in the design.

Scottsdale’s Civic Center Library caters to populations located in the lowest income area of Scottsdale and the largest children’s area in the library system with approximately 9,000 square feet. It was last remodeled in 1993 and is in dire need of the Discovery Zone.

A bond issue is in the planning stages for the backbone of the capital campaign. The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library is supplementing the normal funding stream from the City of Scottsdale with corporate and community contributions.

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What Our Discovery Zone Provides:

  • Creating an interactive, high quality experience leading children on a treasure hunt through the library’s youth collection will invite exploration of stories, science, math, geography, history and art – with surprises at every corner.
  • Encouraging children to use critical thinking skills in an exciting hands-on environment will enable them to explore library resources, make discoveries, collaborate with others and expand their imaginations and interests.
  • Inspiring children with technology will prompt them to do creative exploration. Interesting use of space and design will promote learning. Children will be inspired to delve into areas of interest to expand their horizons.